Transpeed provides expert offshore business process outsourcing services to help you and your company provide better, faster service while becoming more profitable than ever! Our highly-skilled front and back office professionals go through industry-leading training programs designed to delight and retain your customers for the ultimate in satisfaction, increased lifetime value and maximum profitability. We are the best in the business and our mission is to help you succeed. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

Customer Support

It is crucial that your customer service team represents your business effectively, as they are the initial interaction for your customers. Transpeed Communications offers a range of shifts to cater to various time zones and office hours. We provide effective leadership and unparalleled transparency to ensure that your team is dedicated to working diligently for your company, focusing on its success and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Admin Support

The smooth day-to-day operation of your business relies heavily on your administrative support team. They handle the day-to-day duties to make sure your business operates smoothly, giving you the opportunity to concentrate on the overall success of your company. At Transpeed Communications, we aim to match you with someone who can effectively handle complex administrative tasks, has the necessary skills and experience in your line of industry, has time commitment and the effort required to successfully perform the job giving you an exceeded expectations while having an efficient business experience.

Creative & Marketing Support

Our marketing prefessionals focuses on maximizing brand promotion through planning, strategizing, and managing public materials, while our creative positions specialize in creating, conceptualizing, and designing a client’s identity in the market. Your brand identity will be shaped by your creative and marketing team, who also create engaging content and use digital marketing strategies to promote your business to your target audience. At Transpeed Communications, we ensure high importance in recognizing the significance of presenting your business in a professional manner. Your creative and marketing support with us will ensure that your brand communication is unified and impactful across every platform.

IT Development

IT support is an essential aspect of any business operation, regardless of the industry. Many people believe that investing in it is not worth the expense, despite it being a crucial element in empire-building. At Transpeed Communications, we are proud to connect you with a skilled, driven, and experienced team that excels in providing excellent software development and IT support.

Technical Support

Your technical support team is the backbone of your business operations. Our objective is to provide you with the confidence of having an expert who comprehends and values presenting your customers with the appropriate solutions for their simple to complex technical issues.

Sales Support

Aside from being the driving force behind your business growth, Sales Support Specialists are a professional and knowledgeable team representing your brand. At Transpeed Communications,we provide world-class outsourced sales support services to help you achieve your sales targets. Our goal is to make you confident in having a sales specialist who focuses more on selling and closing deals, driving your bottom line and maximizing revenue at the same time.

Accounting and Finance

The financial tasks of your business rely heavily on your Accounting and Finance team. When it comes to working with financial reports, meeting tax laws, and more, we are committed to offering you highly accurate and detail-oriented accounting staff to assist you with your financial

Other Services

Let us know your needs. No matter the position you are trying to fill, Transpeed Communications is committed to offering customized recruitment solutions that are in line with your goals and objectives. We are dedicated to providing outstanding service and identifying the most appropriate candidates for your company. We have the skills and knowledge to cater to nearly every industry and sector across the world, providing numerous advantages to businesses on a global scale.

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